Technical Support

Technical Note
To view video content on this site you need to have an up-to-date Adobe-Flash Plugin in your web browser. Please update if your version is outdated: Check Adobe Flash Version. iOS devices like the iPad are not supported for the time being.


I Don't Receive Shedra Emails/Newsletters
Check your spam and junk mail folder for messages. Please ensure that your email filter is set to accept emails from your regional coordinator and from Christine Arpita . If you have changed your email address, please notify your regional coordinator and

I Cannot Login
Is your registration complete? Please contact your regional/language coordinator or Christine Arpita
Is your Userid and Password correct? If you have forgotten or misplaced your login information, please contact Christine Arpita

I Cannot Access a Video
Videos are currently served from a single server in Germany. Do not expect the same speed as with YouTube. We heard cases where it took 10 minutes just to load the initial image. For the time being please be patient. We are looking into using better (unfortunately more expensive) options.

I See the Error "access denied"
That happens when a page is translated and afterwards no access to students is granted. Please report the address of your page to your regional coordinator and the issue will be corrected as soon as possible.

Other Problems with Website
Send an email to Christine Arpita, otherwise to the webmaster, Rainer

Describe your problem in detail

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       Where (URL - the page address)
       When (Date/Time; Is it a static, repeatable issue?)
       Who (your userid)